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    Greetings friends!

    Only a few days left for the Kickstarter campaign - spread the word so others can join us!

    We've made a solo mode video (summarized game) so you can get a grasp of the mechanics...

    We are very close to unlocking the DUEL MODE goal which challenges players to navigate two mirror labyrinths simultaneously.

    But..(we're nuts!) we wanted to include a new goal to differentiate the 5-6 player miniatures. We ordered the design and now we can show it:
    New Miniature Model for 5-6 player mode $66666 SG: and to celebrate a special number, we are surprising you with an additional miniature model for the extra two miniatures. You'll be able to see it once we unlock the 5-6 player Mode.

    Just to let everyone know, the game will physically be available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French. This is thanks to several backers who are placing group orders, doing local crowdfunding, and to translators who have offered to provide temporary versions of said manuals.

    The game, with all the SGs, will have more content, additional rules, modes of play and predefined labyrinths. We are already hard at work on all of this.

    Thank you friends!!

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    Greetings friends!

    Thanks to all Sector 6 backers and collaborators.

    Once again we wish to extend our gratitude to you for what has been acheived. Thanks to your help, Sector 6 will be a MUCH better game. Together we've unlocked 12 Stretch Goals: improve the production materials, two additional modes of play, a female miniature, a solo mode campaign, several labryinths...

    You will receive a special edition that will never again be produced. You will have unique tiles and game components so that, every time you open your game, you'll remember that Sector 6 is what it is because of you.

    However, we believe Sector 6 can be even better with the remaining 2 Stretch Goals, and we are convinced that we can unlock them in the two days we have left. We want to raise $66,666 and to celebrate we'll include two different miniatures in the game (for a total of 10).

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    Greetings friends,

    A few hours left for Kickstarter campaign, and all Strecth Goals has been unlocked!!

    Last call for gamers intested in get Sector 6 with all their SG.

    Thank you for your support!!

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    Greetings friends!

    First of all, thank you for your support and for give us a fantastic campaign!

    If you lose our Kickstarter campaign and you would like to get Sector 6 with all KS stretech goals you still have the chance to get it.

    There are two open campaigns where you could get it.

    The Giochistarter campaign ends on the 1st/2nd, February.

    You can get Sector 6 here:

    The Spiele-Offensive campaign ends on the 15/16th, February.

    Here you have their web page:

    Thank you again for your support! We will keep you informed.



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