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    Default Custodian Guard load-out and use

    Im returning to 40k after many years, and I would like to know how people are outfitting their Adeptus Custodes squads. I am adding them to a guard army, so in my case I like the idea of using them as a counter charge unit, with the custodes vexilla, two spears and three shield/sword combos to keep them alive.

    Is it a waste to plant them in my gun line for the fearless rule? Is it a bad idea to put a shield on the banner bearer when it comes down to wound distribution?

    Im interested in ideas about how to use them best.

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    Deep striking appears to work best for the Custodes (for instance within range to take down the high priority targets) and having a banner amongst them is incredibly useful if you don't. IMO, they shouldn't be stood at the back of an army doing nothing (as this is a huge point sink), but should be able to charge within the first few turns to unleash their really powerful CC attacks.

    As for their loadout, three spears and two sword/shield combos should be enough.

    Hope this helps

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    Dunno about the deep strike tactic in the current rules. Haven't met anyone with the Custodes yet but as you can't attack the turn you deep strike, it seems to me that you are placing them in harms way from shooting and being assaulted. Mind you I do tend to keep assault troops in reserve to defend my artillery or valuable units.

    I imagine things might change in Vol 8 of the rules or maybe Custodes can assault from deep strike, but it has been my experience that assault happens in turn 3.



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