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    Default Famous eldar pirates...

    (not dark eldars)
    apart of Yriel...another famous eldar pirates?

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    Im not sure... they dont realy name very many of them, if any.

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    Well, the best I can come up with on a cursory look is one Prince Conanmaol of the Executioners, who may have led the Eldar Pirates during the Gothic war. However, thats only based on a very quicxk glance through my BFG source material, which is all I have on hand, so there are likely at least a few more.
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    Default list of eldar pirates:

    Conanmaol of the Executioners
    Galadhar the Grey
    Avele Swifteye, Duke of Asteri Reach,pirate of Biel-tan
    Prince’ Morvael of the White Flame Corsairs
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    add this one to the list:

    Galadhar the Grey

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    thanks honey!!I'm going to edit the list....

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    where did you guys get this info?

    I wouldnt mind having some Eldar reading material



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