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    Default Warhammer miniatures advice needed please

    I have no idea if I'm in the right place but after much googling here I am.
    I am looking to buy some Warhammer miniatures for my boyfriend for Christmas but have no idea where to start. I have tried to subtly find out which ones he currently has and is Pai ting at the moment without raising suspicion and have found the following. He is putting together a chaos army, I think he mentioned 8th edition, he has some ogres, and beastmen. Can anyone who this might make sense to please advise on any ideas of anything I can get him in line with what he is currently working on?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Check if he has a wishlist on the Games Workshop official site. Most years they run a Christmas competition where you can win models off your wishlist, so lots of gamers have one. Unfortunately that would require him emailing it to you. If you know who he plays games with, ask them, they can probably help.

    Ogres and Beastman are originally from Warhammer Fantasy Battle, now Age of Sigmar. 8th ed was the last edition of WFB, AoS is what replaced it. Look at the bases of his current models. If they're square bases, they were for WFB originally, although he may be using them for AoS. If they're round bases he's definitely playing AoS.

    Ogres and Beastman are two different armies that don't really go together. Ogres tend to be more popular and useful, so that may be the better choice if you're uncertain. You can find them on the Games Workshop site under Age of Sigmar -> Armies of Destruction. Now, the major problem is that the ogres have now split into a couple of different groups (Beastclan Raiders, Gutbusters, and Maneaters) and without knowing more I can't say which one. They're all armies of Destruction so any unit (there's a filter for units down the bottom) would probably work since they can all fight together and you can never have too many basic troops.

    The other good gift option is to give something related to painting or assembling models. Paint requires you to know what colours he's using, but spray primer in white or black is pretty universal, and good brushes are always nice things to have. So you could get him some brushes or a wet palette or a painting tray, something like that.
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    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. They are round bases so I shall look at the Age of Sigmar stuff, I may be safer with your last suggestion if getting him the extras that all painters will use. Maybe a nice set of brushes. I can also go through his Paints and see what needs replacing. Thank you again, I'm trying to get into this stuff so I understand it more and know what he is actually talking about lol.



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