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    Default IG list for 750 points

    In my last post I mentioned gaming a 500pt tourny at the local WH store. My son gamed in the same one with IG and was tabled. He fought with a Full platoon, Platoon Cmd and 5 sqds with missile launchers. He also fielded two heavy Sentinals, one with Las Cannon and one with Auto Cannon. He has worse dice luck than me and I think he needs to learn to focus on mini tactics.

    So for the next tourny at 750 points I have drawn up an armoured list for him.

    HQ - Knight Commander Pask - 40 points
    Hvy - Two Leeman Russ Battle Tanks - 360 points
    Battle Cannon, Hull mount Las Cannon, Hvy Bolter side sponsons and pintle storm bolter. (Pask is in one tank and they are a single sqdn)
    Elites - Militarum Tempestus - 149 points - Sgt & 8 troopers, 1with Plasma gun
    Troops - Veteran sqd - 87 points - 2 flamers & melta gun
    Fast Att - Armoured Sentinel - 45 points - 1 missile launcher
    Transport - Chimera - 65 points - Hull mount Hvy Bolter Turret Hvy Bolter

    This is not so different from a modern armoured unit with tanks supported by armoured infantry. I kitted the Vets with flamers to scour troops off the tanks if they tried to assault them. The Tempestus can deep strike and with ap 3 las guns can take out any standard troop types including marines. Pask uses re-rolls to hit, can split fire and re-roll to penetrate armour. So now it's down to tactics for the lad. 1st stonk units from range, either go for 1st kill or the biggest threat. Snipe with the sentinal and hold the troops back for later turns. We are practising against different army types from Eldar, of course to Marines Tau and Orks.

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    It would seem I misread the rules on Tank Commanders, if you choose Knight Commander Pask, he is not 40 points, you add 40pts to the cost. Which is a bit rugged because that makes him way more expensive than he used to be. But this means the melta is dropped from the vet squad and a trooper from the MT squad and possibly downgrading the Sentinel to an auto cannon to make the difference.



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