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    Default Crit Damage Miniature Games Dropfleet Commander Battle reports

    Just a quick and fun game with Steve and Chase taking starter boxes PHR and UCM!.

    We used all the tokens and paper mat provided by the 2 player starter box, but expect further games to have our new awesome battle mat from Deep Cut Studios and assets and tokens from the Kick starter!!

    Smash that like button, share the video and make sure you subscribe!!

    Let us know if you want to see a match up but next up we have 999 battles then 1500 with Battleships once we paint them


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    Next battle report is up!

    Chase and Steve play a 999pt game with UCM vs PHR!

    Brutal game with both the Avalon and Scipio battle cruisers coming out to play!

    Excuse the sound issue still sorting it out and we have to have the A/C running at the present like 34c outside at the moment

    Few rules mistakes I picked up on like the max thrust and launch and putting bulk lander infantry tokens on all different sectors! These were all filmed in a short period so we have picked up on them for the next run of reports!

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    Next report is up!!

    999 PHR vs Shaltari!!!

    Plenty of beams for everyone!!! Also protect those motherships!!!

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    This time its a 1250 point match in Dropfleet Commander!
    Jake brings in his UCM to vs Steve and his PHR.... Not content with a friendly match both players resort to battleships

    Starting our next game guys we are also trying a new format where we take you into the list construction of the battle groups and give you a run down on what is in each list!

    We are still making refinements with the recording and sound also!

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    New Dropfleet battle report!
    1500 points... Long game can see why the standard for most events is 1250.
    Cracking game of UCM vs PHR all this battleship goodness makes me really want to take the diamond out for a spin!!!



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