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    Default Rogue Stars: Sector Murkosia - New Crew, New Blog

    Taken from full post here:

    Rogue Stars: New Crew, New Blog

    The Crew of the Artaxerxes

    The Artaxerxes is a light freighter class starship operating under Explorator and Salvaging Rights in the infamous Murkosia Sector.
    The Murkosia Sector is "Haunted Space", a term for star systems which contain the ruins of a starfaring civilization.

    Whatever doom befell the peoples of Murkosia is unknown at this time…


    Jubilation! A new blog for a new game system.
    Sight unseen, Im going to go ahead and declare that I am "all in" for Rogue Stars from Osprey.
    It seems to hit all the right points Im heading towards in my gaming career.
    So here are the first few figures of my Rogue Star campaign…

    Crew of the Artaxerxes: (Left to Right) Violentina, Fractura, Captain Lotan

    Violentina is a ballistic and navigational calculus logician.
    She is the ship's navigator.

    "It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
    It is by the juice of Sapho that thoughts acquire speed,
    the lips acquire stains, the stains become a warning.
    It is by will alone I set my mind in motion."

    For the rest of the post:

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    Rogue Stars: Personnel Files – Captain Lotan

    Before becoming the Dread Star Captain he is today, Lotan was a senator from Seleucius Prime.
    His quest for absolute power led him to becoming a dictator and sealed his eventual downfall.
    Escaping the tribunals, he took to space piracy and found he had a good knack for it.

    His leadership skills proved useful among the scoundrels in the interstellar smuggler community.
    In time, he built a name for himself as the Dread Star Captain.
    Bounty hunters from Seleucius Prime still find him on occassion, but the former dictator is always ready for them… with a plasma gun!

    But enough hitmen have wounded him that most of his body is now cyborg.
    When asked about his past, Lotan is sorry about his time as a dictator.
    If he could start over, he says, he would have skipped his political career and gone straight to being a rogue star captain.

    A pirates life for me!

    Rogue Stars: Personnel Files – Violentina

    Violentina was the most gifted student in her Archeotech Class.
    Her love of all things ancient tech, led her from one deserted world to another.

    On the Floating Tombs of Vindabara Borealis, she discovered a strange Archeotech cache.
    Upon powering it on, a nanite cloud fused itself with her!
    The nanite tech gave her mentat calculating powers of such a high magnitude, that she is able to compute trajectories with ease and is able to navigate starships without computer assistance.

    And while she can dodge comets and asteroids in space, she is a potent adversary in combat as well – predicting weapon trajectories and such.

    Dodging bullets and physics defying kung fu makes Violentina a Rogue Archeotechnologist.

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    Full post here:

    The Rest of the Arta-Xerxes Crew
    Here are 3 more crew of the starship Arta-Xerxes.
    So now I have a full six member Rogue Stars force.

    The Away Team is planetside on the mysterious crystalline planet of Calcifer.



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