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    Default Happy Christmas AOS fans...

    There's naff all for you ! Not a single release since the wood elfs...AOS completely dead and buried...

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    What a day for a sporadic return to BoLS!

    Step One

    Step Two

    Step Three

    Step Four.

    And Step Five?

    That's my favourite Step of all. Ready?

    Brace yourselves!

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    Bloody hell! Step 3 appears to reveal a Sigmarine in Emperor's Children colours!

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    Spray what you me something to contradict ! Age of sigmar has...inevitably failed. We haven't seen anything new since the treemen stuff back in the summer...not a thing...not a development to the story line...not an explanation of what's happened to a single race...not a single new figure. It's sad, its poor and shows the AOS is CTD. Bring back warhammer ! Bring it back I say !!

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    Because I'm sick and take a strange glee out of dropping facts on trolls, let's go through your claims.

    1) Age of Sigmar has inevitably failed.

    False. Age of Sigmar is doing excellently in many areas. In many places it is currently eclipsing 40k, and in others while it is selling considerably less well than its older sibling it is still outdoing games such as Malifaux and Infinity. Comparing to the game to the most successful wargame in history and saying that since it isn't matching it is has 'failed' is uncharitable. I agree that AoS had a mixed start and that the General's Handbook should have come out earlier. And now that it has AoS is running along nicely.

    2) We haven't seen anything new since the treemen stuff back in summer.

    False. We've seen several new model releases since then. If you are meaning the last full ARMY release, that was (I think, someone correct me if I've gotten my timelines jumbled) Beastclaw Raiders in August. If you're meaning the last new plastic model release, that was October with the Lord-Veritant, while the last resin was also in October with the Fimarach Noble. If you're meaning new box of models in general, that would be the Tzaangors, who are a dual AoS-40k kit.

    3) Not a development to the story line, not an explanation of what's happened to a single race

    As you don't seem to be aware of this, the majority of the story progression is not in the Battletomes but in the Black Library releases. There have been multiple developments to the story line in December alone, as well as some 'this is what happened to this particular culture'.

    4) Not a single new figure

    False. Please see point 2) above.

    5) AoS is CTD.

    Could you define this? Because it hasn't crashed to desktop, it doesn't have a set of tissue diseases, it doesn't have cumulative trauma disorder, and it's not circling the drain, so I've run out of acronyms.

    As a final point, you want to bring back WFB. I presume you prefer ranked battling with movement trays to the current round based mechanics. That's perfectly valid! But if you're meaning in terms of support, the amount of activity shown above, that you are complaining is insufficient, is still greater than what WFB had for many years.
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    I like this guy...

    Knight-Questor... soon to be mine.

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    Sylvaneth, then Bonesplitters, followed by Beastclaw Raiders.

    And we've seen some pics of the forthcoming Tzeentch gubbins, which are looking fun (that 9 D6 swapsies pool is pretty mental, but offset by a higher-than-average random attack/damage count in the wider army)
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    I'd love WFB back, and I think the AoS fluff is absolute nonsense thrown at a wall figuring most people playing won't care (which seems to be true), but the game *has* been selling reasonably enough. It was salvaged with the General's Compendium, which breathed life into the game in a lot of gaming circles. Continued support for those new rules has kept people's interest. Some circles will be lighter on it than others, of course.

    In the meantime, I'm going to have to rely on KOW for my regimental fantasy combat, though FFG is introducing its own brand of regimental fantasy combat (which might have actually had something to do with their split with GW). I'll still play AoS with people if they want to play a match, but it's definitely not scratching that classic blocked units itch.
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