Reading through the new Imperial Agents Codex I see that units of Acolytes can take various vehicles listed in the Codex as Dedicated Transports (pg. 127). Every one of them except the Inquisition Chimera are from different sections of the Codex with their own Vehicle Equipment lists. Does this mean that they have to buy their equipment from those lists or can you choose from the Inquisition list as that's the Detachment you're taking the vehicles from?

For example, if I take a unit of Acolytes and give them a Land Raider Crusader it says the rules are on pg. 97 in the Grey Knights section. Can I give it Psybolt Ammo and Truesilver Armor from the Inquisition list or am I limited to the Grey Knights Vehicle Equipment list which doesn't have those things?

I'm leaning towards using the Inquisition list myself. Otherwise all the options given are only useable for the one vehicle actually in their section. And besides, who is going to tell an Inquisitor they can't pimp out their ride how they want?