Because I'm sick to the back teeth of scalpers, I've gone done set me up a FB group to at least try to stem their greed.

I'm sharing it here in the hope I can reach as wide a slice of our community as possible, especially those who don't have GW stores close by, and for whom, regardless of reason, getting to GW/FW events just isn't practical.

The group can be found here

Premise is simple, the rules are few.

Basically, if you're off to a GW event or somewhere FW will have a stand, put a shout out on the group. Those after event-only models or pre-releases then ask you pick them up specific models.

Rules are pretty much just 'No Scalping' - all deals are to be conducted 'at cost', including postage (no eBay back fees here, thank you!). Tipping of the procurer is allowed, but is at the discretion of buyer only. Anyone soliciting tips will be viewed as a Scalper and banned. Also, No Flipping. This isn't a backdoor for Scalpers to buy cheap, sell high elsewhere. Offenders will be banned.

I'm hoping this will put resin/plastic crack into the hands of those that want it without Scalpers getting rich - and it might be the first step on the road to curtailing Scalping activity in our hobby.

Also extends to In-Store exclusives. So long as people aren't being phalluses and intending to buy up the entire store's stock, this can help out those without a local store, or doomed to work on release day. Will also ultimately help Stores shift backstock, as word can be spread where a surplus is found in the week after release

Please do join up and share!