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    Default Dreadnought Holiday

    Hi Bolsketeers, Happy New Year to ya. My final battle for 2016 was a 2000pt affair where my Warpsmith Daikin Bosche took on some nameless IG commander. Long and short of it, a great battle, but the one surprising thing to me was how effective the humble helbrute was in h2h with Imperial knights! Simultaneous initiative helps these guys to pull 'em down. I run a Mayhem pack in most CSM lists and this is unlikely to change. The deepstrike has to be aggressive so it is risky. The payoff is worth it. One of my favourite formations as I can get Foaming metal nutters across the board intact. I have 12 CSM Dreadnoughts/Helbrutes. I like Dreadnoughts/Helbrutes.
    Lost the battle by 1VP (First blood) took out two knights though!
    Anyone else got some loving for the Dreadbrute?

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    I just run one with my Death Guard - haven't played a game yet using the new +2 attack stat, but if nothing else it's been a capable fire magnet so far!

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    Playing Dar I do run with the equivalent in wraithlords. I field at least one usually two and or one wraithlord and a wraithseer. They are scary multiple weapons and run with the MC rule. In a mini tournament a little while back now I squeezed the wraithseer into a 500 pt army which was a Dar assault themed army. It drew a lot of attention and caused a lot of grief because it drew so much fire my wraithblades never failed to assault in three games.



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