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    Default Eldar hidden in plain sight

    Never uploaded photos before.... hope this works.... edit; and it's sideways and I can't seem to fix it.

    So this pic is in the background of some art of Greyfax and some Templars in the January White Dwarf. The blurb with the art includes 'Their salvation comes from an unexpected quarter'. He looks somewhere between dark eldar and eldar, dark eldar would tie in with the gangs of commorough release.

    If there's a triumvirate of imperial characters maybe there will be a triumvirate of eldar ones (cross ref natfka) Although only evidence here for one; if it is indeed a character release and not a random archon. Black templars art in the foreground def nodding towards specific components in the range. Maybe it's a pic of a conversion?

    What do people think?
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    Can't tell from this pic...

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    If I had to guess I would say it's an Eldar Exodite. The vanes on the back of the armor are very much in the style of Eldar (not really any other army using that style). However the armor looks more like Medieval plate than modern Eldar Armor or even that used by the Dark Eldar, and there seems to be a fur cloak over the left shoulder. The Waste sash with Gemstone is also very reminiscent of Eldar/Elven style. So I would say, this is most likely the first offical teaser of an Exodite army.
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    I don't think it's an exodite army - I don't think we'll see any new armies until 8th. An exodite character, however, as part of an Eldar "triumvirate" set? Maybe, yes!
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    Reminds me more of the Corsair fleets. The helmet and shape of the shoulder pads are somewhat Kabalite, but the back vanes, waist and chestplate are definitely not. The pirate fleets tend to mix Kabalite and Craftworld aesthetics and the 'luxurious trophies' like feathers and furs are more their thing than either group.
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    I'd buy that, as well. I mean, I believe that theory. I'd also buy the figure. Obviously.
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    I have the book! In the final battle, the leaders of the Eldar are Eldrad, and two unknown figures.

    One is a female Eldar directing the combined armies of Craftworlds and Comorragh. She has an elaborate robe and a calm air of command. Unlikely, but possible, that this is Lady Malys or perhaps even Iyanna Arienal.

    The other is the warrior in red that we've seen in art, with his armour bearing aspects of both Craftworlds and Comorragh but not being wholly one or the other.

    I expect we'll be seeing the models soon enough.
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