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    Default Broken Contract Rule Book Is Live On Kickstarter

    This Kickstarter is to get the rules and other non-miniature components of Broken Contract into physical print form, with new miniatures as stretch goals.

    I backed the 1st Kickstarter for the miniatures and they are excellent sculpts and casts, they are also in the add-on section as well as the 2 player starter set pledge, which also contains the 5 KSE minis from the 1st Kickstarter.

    Guerrilla Miniature Games play through:

    Kickstarter link:

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    Its been relaunched today with miniatures as stretch goals, link in OP is the new correct one or you can use this link:

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    Its Funded and working towards the 1st SG Ash, also a pic of the 5 Kickstarter exclusive minis.

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    Its in its last 48hrs and very close to unlocking security officer "Ash".

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    Ash is unlocked, it's in it's last 24hrs



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