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    Default (Practice) Adepticon Team Doubles Tournament

    Hello BoLS!

    On February 25th 2017 Battlegrounds (Midlothian, VA) is hosting a practice Adepticon Team Doubles Tournament!

    $10 entry fee per person ($20 per team)
    Registration starts at 10:30am
    Dice at 11:00am

    We will be following rules and guidelines set for by the Adepticon Tournament Event for missions, rules, and restrictions to better prepare those who will be participating in the event this March.


    ****HOWEVER!! Teams will consist of TWO team members, not FOUR as the PDF suggests

    Below is the link to the Warhammer 40k Team Tournament Draft Rules

    Below is a link to last year’s scenarios. As of now, Adepticon does not have scenarios posted so we will likely be using last year’s scenarios. If they post the scenarios before the tournament we will be changing over to them.
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