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    Default Interested in AOS, a few questions

    I've come back to tabletop gaming recently and have been playing 40k regularly. I missed the whole End Times/start of Age of Sigmar so hadn't really looked at the game before I saw some people playing and read some of the rules. I was just curious about a few fluff and army things since I'm considering giving the game a shot.

    Fluffwise, I've read the general backstory of how the old world ended and the new began, and about the Incarnates and how most are gods in the new setting. Do we know what became of the other gods from Warhammer Fantasy? Is Myrmidia still around, that sort of thing? Way back in the day I had an Empire army dedicated to her which is why I ask. Also, I read something about Nagash somehow taking out all the other gods of death around the world, including Morr and the gods of Nehekhara. Is that so, did them? Do the normal resurrected souls of the Old World remember their previous lives?

    Rulewise, I'm a little confused about how one builds an army. I get the whole Grand Alliances thing, and how the different sub-factions use keyword classifications for synergy purposes. When you build an army do you pick one Grand Alliance or are you allowed to mix them? I read some fluff blurb about Stormcast Eternals allying with a bunch of ghosts to fight off a chaos army, so I wasn't sure how that worked.

    Armywise, there are three groups that interest me that I'd like to ask about. First is bog standard humans. I realize the Stormcast are getting a lot of love but they aren't really my thing. Are normal humans expected to get anything in the future? I like all of the 'former' Empire stuff, just wondering if we'll ever see more Holy Roman Empire miniatures running around. Also, are they in any danger of disappearing? I notice Bretonnian miniatures and a few Empire units like mounted knights are gone.

    The second group I like is basically anything undead. I notice the Grand Alliance Death is easily the smallest of the four alliances, are they supposed to be getting any kind of new stuff at some point? Also, there are three Start Collecting boxes from Death available, I was curious if any particular one is considered better for beginners or if they're all about even.

    Finally, I see on the Forgeworld site that the Legion of Azgorh miniatures are still being sold. Are there still Chaos Dwarf rules available in Age of Sigmar?

    I appreciate any input, hopefully I didn't ask anything too obvious, I'm just starting to look into the game.

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    I missed the end times books so can't help much with the fluff, however the mortal realms are vast and there are many possibilities, so you could have an army dedicated to any God (how are they to know that their God has been eaten!) they could be descends from the old world who have passed the religion on or survivors from the old world magically saved and transported (the last act of thair dying God? Or because chaos!)

    There are 3 ways to play-

    Open - no points take whatever u want -

    Nerrative- choose army based on story or path to glory games (still no points)!

    These 2 are great with a playing group with similar mindsets to you and can create great "fun games" there is no structure to army building so you can take whatever you want across all grand alliances.

    The third way is matched play, this has points and structure and is probably the way you will play most. Armies are chosen from a single grand alliance, but you choose units from any faction within that alliance. You must include an amount of battle line troops, and can only include a certain amount of heroes, behemoths ( monsters, steam tanks etc) and artillery (war machines)

    All the info is in the generals handbook, although version 2 is apparently coming soon so could be worth waiting (or seeing if a friend has a copy until the new one drops)



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