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    Default Ynarry army WIP

    So after the release of the new avatar, this is what I had in mind for my jetbike army ^^D

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    Started working on my Skyweavers and found and old model! Which will be my spiritseer.

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    I am still doing this project. And it is going well for me ^^) Here is a little update, and how the future army might look!
    Also, here us a video update on this army.

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    Incubi where always my most favorite unit in 40k. Not only look wise, but also the rules.
    So when I started my eldar/ynnari army, I knew I must have them in my force. But! I wanted them to look unique ^^D

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    This is how the entire army looks ATM.

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    this is coming out to look really awesome mate. details are very sleek!



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