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    Default Sup Guys! Older Member Returning Here

    I kind of dropped of the face of existence some ways back in 2010 give or take. Got out of the hobby, moved to Austria, was tied up with college life, and forgot I ever had an account here. I recently (a year ago) moved back to the US and my flatmate has been pestering me about getting into 40K, so I figured I'd give it another go.

    Long story short, I'm back.

    Short story long, I'm starting over from scratch. Left my massive army in Europe because shipping was a pain in the ***, and now it's lost in a strangers cellar and I'm trying to find a way to retrieve it just for the sake of having it. As for starting back up from scratch, I'm working on making a successor chapter, sticking almost exclusively to older mark armours, and forcing myself to take the time to paint them and give my little dudes adequate fluff.

    Looking forward to getting back into things here.
    Check it:

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    Hello and welcome aboard
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