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    Default Flip Belts and Vertical Movement?

    I have been watching several games played both local and in battle reps where Harlequins have danced around the battle field jumping up to the highest towers and back down again without any penalty. I though this ability had to do with the flip belts but upon further inspection the rules seem not to support this style of play. So have we all been playing this wrong? Can anyone clarify.

    Flip Belts allow you to ignore being slowed by difficult terrain but does that mean you also can ignore the Vertical Movement rules?

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    I think it allows you to ignore the rules for falling, but that's it:

    "A fighter with a flip belt treats all terrain as open ground
    for the purposes of movement, but can’t end its move on
    impassable terrain. In addition, a fighter with a flip belt
    never suffers falling damage."

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    Basically they can move their full movement but have to abide by vertical movement rules on the way up. I have seen far to many batreps that have been doing this wrong then. Thanks for the reply.

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    You know, I think I may have steered you wrong. For some reason I assumed you were talking about Shadow War: Armageddon - that's where the flip belt rule above came from.



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