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    Default New Space Marines in true-scale were not fake

    Looks like GW published and pulled swiftly their own image of the new larger Space Marines which previously were said to be conversion and fake. Looks like it wasn't fake after all. They have different knees, slightly different armour, larger Bolters and in general are far bigger.
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    Well this is going to skew the tabletop, giant marines alongside small marines. they look like good sculpts but to replace all the space marines in their lines with these will take years.

    And that's if this isn't the greatest elaborate hoax yet!
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    If it will take years, then this is perfect for GW as they can sell Marines for years to come. And it's not a hoax. Even the White-Dwarf-Anniversary model is wearing this new type of Space Marine armour.
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    Relax. You don't have to buy them. I started in rogue trader days and the beaky marine was 20% - 30% smaller then. We all rebought them over time, GW still didn't take over the world and the hobby was greater for it.

    "Truescale" is something many many of us wanted, and it seems maybe they listened. Let them answer our prayers without insulting them. (In fairness GW has reason to be distrusted but give them a chance when they are making obvious efforts to change)



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