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    Default Ironjawz 2000 points Competitive Army List

    Hello, this is my Ironjawz army list. I've tried make a fast and offensive army:
    Gordrak's ability to give most his army +2 attacks and a 3D6 charge range for a turn,
    combined with Ironfist battalion and Destruction Hero phase movement abilities.
    Moreover, two War Chanters to give out +1 to hit to two units or +2 to hit for one unit.

    The problem, lack a bit of defence. Any idea?

    1 Gordrakk The Fist of Gork 700

    1 Orruk Warchanter 080

    1 Orruk Warchanter 080

    1 Orruk Weirdnob Shaman 120

    20 Orruk Ardboys 360

    5 Orruk Brutes 180

    3 Orruk Gore Gruntas 180

    3 Orruk Gore Gruntas 180

    Ironfist 100




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