All credit goes to this Ebay member. I asked him if he had a blog link and what not, hopefully he gets back to me. Anyway, check this conversion out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Heres the link and item description:

"Dark Angels Primarch Lion El'Jonson
- Converted and color-scheme based on the Horus Heresy novels
-*Highly thematic 60mm base
* * *- Split Dark Angels stone icon*represented the divided legion (i.e. the fallen)
* * *- Rocks under*stone icon represent Dark Angels*home world called "The Rock"
- Lion Sword from Cypher model*
- Subtle black highlights help provide contract to the sliver trim
- OSL on the plasma gun/pistol
- Loads of Dark Angels icons and details (if you look close enough)
- Magnetized Head, Arms, Sword, Jetback/Wings for easy*converting and positioning
- Large*enough that it could also used as a Dreadnought*
* * * - With toughness 7 in new 8th edition of 40k, dreadnoughts are back

This was a really fun model to convert and paint.*Feel free to message me with any questions. Thank you."