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    Default 8th edition admech

    Jyst curious how the admech are turning out in 8th!? Would life spoke new info.

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    Mostly Awesome -

    Bad News - Canticles are nerfed (basically the lowest level of 7th only) but no longer depend on no of units).

    Good News:

    Dominus auto repairs himself D3 wound per turn, as well as D3 wounds on AdMech units (Cawl can do this as well)
    you dont need the Datasmith with the Kastellens (although he is the only one who can change their protocols (and he can also heal the Kastellens D3 wounds per turn)
    the Electropriests got buffed nicely (as well as a points drop ~80ish for 5)
    you can now have a unit of 4 servitors (2 can be armed with MM/HB/PC for additional points) - like those for a techmarine or enginseer.
    phosphor no longer needs to cause a wound (just target the unit and they loose any benefit of cover) to work...
    Destroyers Plasma Culverin has D6 shots with plasma gun stats at 36" and 3 wounds apiece (but are now more expensive ~200pts for 3 kitted out (Torsion Cannons are Awesome).
    Skitarii plasma calivers went down to 2 shots (can also be supercharged) but for 1/2 the price)
    Dragoons T6 and 6 Wounds for about same points
    Neutron Laser on Dunecrawler is awesome (and doesn't suffer penalty for moving) D3 Shots S10, AP-4, Damage (3-6)
    just about every unit has at least a 6++ save (although skitarii loose their FNP) the only unit that does not (including vehicles) is the unit of 4 servitors.
    but most improved unit is the Kastellans: Aegis protocol +1 to Armour & Invulnerable saves (aka 2+/4++, and bouncing Mortal wounds back on 5++ on a 6 wound model), or 2x robots with the Protector (shooty) protocol with all Phosphor can shoot 36 shots 36" S6 AP-2 Damage 1 per turn!
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    Wow! That is very nice indeed. This gets me excited even more cause I love my mechanized friends! All that healing is pretty awesome to boot as well. Lol looks like I'll be playing the ol iron hands and skitarii as my main armies!

    Do you know of anything new with the iron hands chapter by chance?

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    nothing about Iron Hands - sorry.

    note if your detsachment doesn't all have AdMech faction then you don't get to use the canticles.

    although possibly as their chapter tactics they might gain a 6++ instead of a FNP? because the wording of the 6++ in AdMech is that because they have bionics they get the save...
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    That is extremely pleasant to be sure. This gets me energized significantly more reason I adore my automated companions! All that recuperating is truly marvelous to boot also. Lol appears as though I'll be playing the press
    Write my Assignment for me hands and skitarii as my primary armed forces!



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