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    Default Tzeentch Conquers All

    I often get to paint up forces in some pretty interesting color schemes, and here's a nice example.

    This force was going with an all blue theme- the core color for Tzeentch. The part that made it really shine was the fact that most of the minis were affiliated with other chaos factions. So, if you ever wondered what Khorne or Nurgle characters would look like if the Changer of Ways got to them, here they are.

    The other thing that made this force special is the fact that many of these chaos warriors are converted from Stormcast eternals. My client did the conversions, but I really think they turned out great and go to show just how easy it is to corrupt Sigmar's elite.

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    Really liking the corrupted Stormcast in their lovely blues.
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    Using the Stormcast models instead of standard Chaos Warriors give this army a very unique look. The Blightkings really don't look very much like Tzeench has it's hold on them other than the blue color of their armor. The paintjobs are fantastic though.

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    It isn't my own force- and I cannot take credit for the conversions (I only did the painting).

    To be honest, I don't know the fluff behind the force- the general color scheme was my client's concept. Overall, I felt like it came through really well, and really changes the feel of a lot of the minis (for me, the Juggernaut seems like a wholly different animal in blue).



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