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    Default I cannot pick an army! Anyone know how I can narrow it down?

    Necrons, Orks, Drukhari, Chaos Space Marines, Astra Militarum, Adeptus Mechanicus / Skitarii, Primaris Marines... I am having the worst time picking something to play!

    I hope this board can help me, it's like trying to pick a flavor of ice cream or a favorite color... I like them all but can only pick one!
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    For the Warrrragg!

    Their great fun to play.

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    Several methods out there:

    1. Rule of cool: which army do you like the look of?
    2. Economics: What is the cheapest complete army you can buy (on ebay)?
    3. Playstyle: How does the army play (you may have to wait for a bit more insight as the new ed isn't truly out there yet)?
    4. Fluff: Which army has a background that appeals to you, irrespective of how it looks or how it plays:

    And if these aren't clear, roll a dice. Seriously, 5 index books, you can easily randomise.

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    So with the new rule spread Orks are looking interesting again. Bring on the Kans, lead off with boys as a shield, back up with the Kans, if you get them into assault they strike first with seriously snippy klaws, that has got to be fun and your average troopers are going to cop a double strength hit.

    Just saying, 8th has changed things

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    Hello friend, have you heard the good news of our lord and savior "The Greater Good?" I noticed you made the mistake of not including the Tau!

    In all honesty i would decide what aspect of the game your most interested in. Like if painting and model collecting is your sauce think of what ones you think you could make look coolest to you.

    If your a beginner hobbiest i would sugest space marines as they are easiest to paint with skittari being one of the hardest.

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