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    Default Linking the Past - New Rules Not

    I have been reading posts all over the shop about 8th and references to rules and groups. Has anybody else noted that there are references to rules in 8th as though they are new that were there in 7th and or the supporting codices?

    Though I have read a number of examples, the most recent one is the only one I can point to for you to read and that was in the post on BOLS Table Top News, "40K: Craftworld Aeldari Unit Gems". Battle Focus allows units to move and fire weapons as though they did not advance, (Excluding heavy weapons) Well duh! That is nothing new, for two Codices Eldar could Move, Shoot & Run or Run & Shoot if they so chose. As for heavy weapons, unless grav platforms no longer work, they shot also.

    The article even specified that Windriders have the Battle Focus rule. Well that is nothing new, they've had it since the rule was generated. It is just irrelevant to them as bikes don't run and the only thing noteworthy about this is, it is still in play.

    Anyway, that is just a specific example but I have seen a few other references, such as all units carry a close combat weapon, (Which is basically fluff as it confers no special bonus). Vehicles can't end their move with any part of their hull further forward than the maximum move distance. And so on. These are not new rules so why the beat up on them?

    (P.S. What is with the new Eldar names, has an Italian snuck into the design team?) (PPS, I'm married to one so I'm allowed to say that)

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    (Well previously they were mostly celtic and gaelic, but I'm guessing they realised that italian is so much easier for people to pronounce and spell. )
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