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    Default 1st new tactics for Eldar

    So 30 seconds or so after reading the Index Xenos 1 I have found that Wraith Blades now seem more threatening than D-Scythes. That you can't use grenades in assault, so much for Fire Dragons doing anything but shooting their Fusion Guns, and that my Wave Serpent and Falcon have a Weapon Skill and Attack characteristic.

    So a Melta Bomb which now you throw 6" in the shooting phase has the same characteristics as the fusion gun, except if you hit you can re-roll failed wounds. The Fusion gun at half range, can roll two damage dice and pick the highest one. I think Melta bombs have been consigned to the junk pile.

    Tactic No 1. Fire Dragons only shoot their fusion guns.

    Tactic No 2. a) Wave Serpents can assault, so in your turn, dismount your assault troops and advance on the target unit.
    b) Move your WS in concert with your assault troops
    c) Shoot what you want
    d) Assault with your WS first, They are never going to bring it down in Over Watch, and remember you finish your charge moves before you fight
    e) Assault with your assault troops who can't be Over Watched because your target is engaged with the WS, so you hit first, what does he hit back?

    Wraithlords have been nurfed a bit, losing strength and toughness, but it can carry a Ghostglaive, no extra points and has 10 wounds, so still on the board.

    I have been musing over my Dark Reapers, they seem ok

    Tactic No 3. DR Fire base at back of the board, in cover if possible, support with Storm Guardians.

    Gotta read more of the rules for how the game setup works with regards to more formal processes and the new points systems. But that's it for now

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    So to add to the above:

    Tactic No 3. Rangers, now can target any character they have line of sight on. They now rely on S v T for wounds, but they still have the 6+ inflicts a mortal wound which evens things out. Like many things however, they have doubled in points which makes them expensive v the damage they could inflict. So will they be worth it given the limited numbers I can field now? But those individual characters are not looking so safe given there are no ablative units to absorb hits for them.



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