October 2015 to June 2017

Album of how I unpack and setup the table: http://imgur.com/a/daC3i

I emailed BOLS to get this put up as an article or pic of the day but they're busy with the 8th ed rollout and no new AT leaks for a few weeks.

What am I looking at??:

A 5x4 Wargaming table for Adeptus Titanicus and Dropzone Commander inspired by The Last of Us, I am legend, and a few other Sci-fi Genres

The 10mm structures are built from a majority of HWG resin (they sell on their site), foamcore, and cardstock

The Modular Overpass is from Blotz (uk) 10mm Custom Lasercut - wonderful company 10/10. Quickest international shipping I've ever witnessed for how cheap it was.

Table is a 5x4 - made from triple layered foamcore. This is extraordinarily dumb, but I wanted a lightweight board that I could store, dig into, and toss if I decided to redo it or I ruined it by accident. I've built a dozen or so tables, hardboard+pink insulation foam, wood, or full 3/4" mdf, and honestly foamcore isn't that bad as long as you layer it. Six tiles; I can toss this in a small bag and it weighs nothing. I spent a few hours fixing this issue.

Why Adeptus Titanicus?
At a Battletech player with no friends that play - and a young lad during the days of Epic Armageddon - I decided to preemptively start building the city for both games. I've recently sold off my Horus Heresy net epic armies / unoffical models to fund this. I also skipped 6th and 7th edition Warhammer 40k - so as I wait for 8th edition I finished this off.

Why Dropzone Commander?
From the few demo games I've had - I was impressed. It reminded me of an actual tactical strategy game and I loved the flow of it. It also reminds me of Command and Conquer / Total Annihilation / Supreme Commander from my childhood. Ace game, and when you flip through that rulebook you immediately want to play on something better than cardstock starter kit buildings. Realistically - I got into the game because of the terrain.

Ground Detail in Center City:

UCM Infantry and Mortars in action:

Any other picture requests?