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    Smile Eldar - 8th - 500pts - Friendly

    Eldar - 8th - 500pts - Friendly

    Comments suggestions?
    491 pts.
    Jumping fun with some Long range shooting with the Autarch.
    All 3+ saves! 16 models not a bad count for 500pts, and Eldar .
    Is it me or do they not seem quite as good on paper as 7th spiders?

    Detachment: 1 Vanguard [1CP]
    HQ: Autarch x1
    --- Fusion Pistol, SunBurst Grenades, DeathSpinner, Reaper Launcher, Jump Pack

    Elites: Warp Spiders x5 x3 units.
    --- Exarch: DeathSpinner x2

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    Didnt go well

    Friend! ... brought a list with 3 dreadnoughts and a Salamander HQ guy.
    Verus's my poor spiders. A short game that.

    Spiders seem nurfed big time. Wheres their hitnRun that the squad used to be able to do sense the beginning of time!
    So they only get a 7" move and then either an advance/charge. Or they get a 4 D6" move. Its nice whent he dice gods favour you.
    { me never do they! I have seen all 1s come up }
    Without the hit N Run not sure I like them any more. What am I missing?

    For next battle his gona get an Eldar Spearhead detactment:
    1 Warlock bare bones.
    3 WraithLords built for Range and CC.

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    Try to add some variety to your list. Spamming multiple copies of the same unit doesn't seem really fun for friendly games! Here's a suggestion:

    ++ Outrider Detachment +1CP (Aeldari - Craftworlds) [31 PL, 480pts] ++

    + HQ +

    Autarch with Warp Jump Generator [5 PL, 89pts]: Banshee Mask, Death Spinner, Forceshield, Shuriken Pistol

    + Fast Attack +

    Hornets [9 PL, 130pts]
    . Hornet: 2x Bright Lance, Crystal Targeting Matrix

    Shining Spears [7 PL, 129pts]
    . 2x Shining Spear: 2x Laser Lance, 2x Twin Shuriken Catapult
    . Shining Spear Exarch: Laser Lance, Twin Shuriken Catapult

    Warp Spiders [10 PL, 132pts]
    . 5x Warp Spider: 5x Death Spinner
    . Warp Spider Exarch: Death Spinner

    ++ Total: [31 PL, 480pts] ++

    Created with BattleScribe

    Remember you have a base of 3 CP for being battle-forged, so your total is 4 CP!

    This list has an Autarch, but without the heavy weapon since that's taken care of elsewhere. A unit of Warp Spiders since you have them, plus their movement is very troublesome for the opponent (specially if you plop them from ruins to ruins). The Shining Spears are fast, and can charge and instagib most things you'll find at 500 point games. The Hornet can take care of most enemy armor, or even MCs!

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    Tragically, with the new Codex, the Autarch has bitten the big patootie. No more the lovely little warp jump pack, no more the capacity to call on any projectile weapon of any kind if he is on foot. No Banshee mask or Mandi Blasters. Just a bent spear that reduces your WS and a hand grenade. So all of a sudden the Autarch in the list by Lemt is not legal. And my Autarch with the Banshee Mask, Plasma Gun and Scorpion Chain sword is but a fond memory. So much for being able to use all your current models.

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    Well back again after reading the new codex a few times came up with the following:

    WH40K - 8thEd - 500 Pts - Craftworlds Roster

    Comments / suggestions?
    Would ye pick different Trait or stratagems? Why?

    Wanted Wraithguard but could not see a detachment that would work within the 500pts limit.
    Any ideas? is it possible.

    Army [1]
    Spearhead Detachment (CPs = 4, 492 pts)
    1 Spiritseer, 45pts (Warlord Trait: Fates of the Messenger. CW Stratagems: Webway Strike [1/3CP], Fade & Fire [1CP], Tears of Isha [2CP] )
    9 Rangers, 180 pts
    1 War Walker, 113 pts (Bright Lance; Starcannon)
    1 War Walker, 113 pts (Bright Lance; Starcannon )
    1 War Walker, 113 pts (Bright Lance; Starcannon )

    Army [2]
    Spearhead Detachment (CPs = 4, 489 pts)
    1 Spiritseer, 45pts (Warlord Trait: Fates of the Messenger. CW Stratagems: Webway Strike [1/3CP], Fade & Fire [1CP], Tears of Isha [2CP] )
    1 Wraithlord, 148 pts (Ghostglaive; Bright Lance x1; Starcannon x1)
    1 Wraithlord, 148 pts (Ghostglaive; Bright Lance x1; Starcannon x1)
    1 Wraithlord, 148 pts (Ghostglaive; Bright Lance x1; Starcannon x1)

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    Question on CP points, Do they refresh each battle turn or once spent their gone for the rest of the battle?



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