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    Question Wasps or hornets, need help to find

    +++ Greetings! I've been working on my WE for quite some time now and I'm rather stuck on finding the models I want to finish them. I've been working with the idea that my elves have giant wasps/hornets as mounts instead of warhawks but the problem is that after have this great idea (or not as the case may be) I can't find and models that I can use that are the right scale or semi realistic enough. I was able to make a greenstuff mold from an old wardancers face-mask so I'd be able to make an insect-like look for the riders that I have from my old warhawk riders but without the mounts there really is no point.Any help in locating these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    i'm assuming you've already tired toy stores, get them sometime on mobiles for kids rooms, or toys.

    Maybe even garden centres during the summer, for garden decoration?
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    +++ Yes I have, sadly they are either really silly looking or the not even close to the scale I want. If I was going for bees or general insects I'd have found what I want by now but hornets/wasps are not a common thing apparently. Went on a search via google and found a ton of hornet models, sadly I'm not sure that my opp would allow me to drive a car onto the field as cool as that would be. Picture if you will 12 elves in 1951 hudson hornets cruising the woods...

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    Would be the most pimp wood elves ever.

    My searches returned pictures of F15 hornets so...

    How're your green stuffinf skills? take horses body, lose the legs and neck, build bulbous rear end and pincers on the front, few legs out of pipe cleaners...
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    Cruising the strips of the old world. My green stuff skills are... okay, not good enough yet for the amount of work I'd need to do. Sadly this might end up being what I have to do, build it in parts. Head, body, stinger, wings. Hopefully I can find at least a body that I can use as a mock up to cut the time down for modelling.

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    Try looking for 100 Kingdoms miniatures. They have a race of giant bugs and some look like wasps. I know for a fact that they have a giant praying mantis. Also try here:
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    Wow, that is pretty much what I've been looking for! Thanks T-ORK-amada! Now to see if the budget can allow for them...



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