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    Default New, need help please

    Hi, I've always been intrigued by 40K and always had plans to start collecting when I could find the time. However now I have the time, and the space to actually start collecting I'm at a loss.

    My plan has always been to collect a unique space marine chapter, as I love the models and customisation options. However now Primaris Marines have dropped I'm not too sure what I should be buying. I really want the the models I always admired, but I'm worried they will be phased out in the near future.

    I'm currently off work for six weeks so wanted to get the bulk done during this time period. However the only Primaris models I can find are the Dark Imperium boxset which is snap to fit, so lacks customisation. If I have to wait for more units to be released I may miss this great window to spend time learning and painting.

    I'm just looking for any advice on the state of 40K, and if it would be worth waiting, getting Primaris only, or a mix.

    Thank you.

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    We have no way of telling if GW intends to slowly transition all marines to the new primaris models, unfortunately. However there are a lot of players who still use much older SM models, like the metal terminators that are much smaller than the modern plastics, so I'd go for the models you like the look of the most and maybe add some primaris into the mix too.

    Your models won't become 'unusable' for a long time and if the current marines are phased out you can keep using your models and just declare them to be whatever the then standard marines are.
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    If your new to modeling games and painting, i highly recogmend starting with those more basic models. Yes the custimization is limited... but they are also made to be easy to paint. As a starting point to build skills and just become comfortable with the game the starting set is a great way to start the hobby.

    I would also sugest starting with a default paint scheme because there are tons of tutorials on youtube you can follow along with. Trust me, learning the basics first will help you make your own themes later! You can always strip and repaint your models, get more bits for custimization, and build your own guys later.



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