I play Astra Militarum (AM). Like everyone else (I assume), there were some obvious unit/weapon improvements in my army moving from 7th to 8th. I applied these obvious improvements immediately, and the wins came rolling in; but this thread isn't about that.

Recently I started experimenting with different units and weapon combos, and found a hidden gem that really puts in the work. What hidden gems have you found in your army?

For me, as an AM player, my little diamond in the rough is the humble Platoon Commander (PC). For 35pts (given him a Plasma Pistol, and Power Fist), a PC gives me a model that:
- has all the character goodness (i.e. fearless, can't be targeted unless it's the closest model, heroic intervention)
- has 3 wounds and a 5++
- has 3 S6, AP-3, Dd3 close combat attacks that hit on a 4+ (which he can order himself to use in the shooting phase as well)
- can order himself to re-roll 1s in shooting, making supercharging his Plasma Pistol a no brainer, and he hits on a 3+ to boot
Add all of that together and you've got a nasty little Rambo! I flood my lists with these guys (normally 12 to support my 12 Infantry Squads) and they always get their points back, and then some! My favourite PC moment right now is taking the final two wounds off a Razorback with his plasma pistol, then charging a Land Raider and taking off 3 wounds! To bad the Land Raider squashed him.