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    Default Kustom Ork Vehicles

    For purposes of 1. Playing at a GW store and 2. Playing at a tournament, how much of model must be from GW products? I've got an Ork army, an abundance of kids toys that look cool, and the desire to make vehicles, but I just wanted to see if there was some kind of rules against using non-GW bits. Everything I've made so far is 30-50% non-GW parts.


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    I would imagine it depends on your local GW store and who is running your tournaments. I had a 1/35th Semovente (Italian SPG) that I used as a base for an Ork war wagon. I put grots all over it, built on some big shoota side sponsons and put orks in the cockpit. Later I added a tray made out of cardboard and sprue struts to carry the boys in the back.

    For a long time the GW boys were OK with it on the basis that there were not a lot of the big Ork vehicles available at the time. But these days things like armies on parade have to be 100% GW stock. As for tournaments, just check with the organisers first. As long as what you had built was recognisable on the table as what it portrayed I usually had no grief.

    We built this before they produced the plastic kit.

    Click image for larger version. 

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