I put this together yesterday with the use of Index: Chaos and Codex: Traitor Legions. I didn't get a game in to even use the new word bearer rules so I processed them into the new edition; I did add something of my own but I'm not too sure on the Daemonology powers. I personally like the inclusion of the Diabolist keyword to grant characters the Daemon Ritual ability to characters and fits the Word Bearers perfectly. I added the Undivided keyword as I wanted to add some more chaos icons to do with daemon summoning (Specifically the Personal Icon, Daemon Icon and Icon of Summoning) but with the BRB in my possession I didn't know if this would be overpowered so I've left it for now. Might ditch the Daemonology Discipline for the icons.

Tell me what you think I'm open to C&C and I would like to add the other undivided legions eventually.
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