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    Default Crit Damage Miniature games Warhammer 40k Battle reports!

    Our first battle report!

    Ultramarines vs Black Templars

    Still trying to work out the best way to shoot and present the tables! So looking at more theme battles and showing more action rather then turn by turn!


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    New bat rep is up.
    Nice and quick one with Ultramarines vs Custodes(Plus friends).

    Sadly had an issue with the turn two summary video being corrupted by the warp, however great game was had and a tonne of good sit and chat talk about the lists and plays.

    Have a heap more on the edit floor and I think Admech will be next off the block!

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    We got our hands on some new Primaris awesomeness!

    Cant wait to get these done up in space wolves and black templars!

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    New bat rep!

    I rock the ad mech vs some pre codex space marines!!

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    New admech codex vs Ultraknights! :P

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    New 40k battle report!
    Black Templars vs the Custodes and Inquisition!
    Pretty brutal game.... BT really need some help with the smite defence



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