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    Default 7th edition box set rules with 8th edition rule updates

    Hello everyone.

    I just bought a Dark Vengeance box set and the the store gave me an 8th edition rules update book with it.
    The starter set had a 200 page mini rulebook with it that had a lot of great information in it.

    Here is my question, can I still use the rule book that came with the starter set along with the 8th ed rule update? Or did everything
    completely change? Im am mostly concerned with terrain rules.

    Thanks in advance. Any helpful info welcome, as I am a new player.

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    I'm afraid that everything completely changed. Sounds like they might have given you a printout of the "Battle Primer," which contains the basic rules you need to play 8th (you can also download it at the Warhammer Community site). The old 7th edition rulebook is still good for story background and painting guides, though!



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