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    Default Do I Have Shooting Right?

    The rules as written makes a distinction between units and models. So...

    Step 1: Choose the unit to fire. Easy. Just make sure it's legal (i.e. didn't advance or fall back.)
    Step 2: Pick the target unit. As long as even one model is visible, it's a legal unit to be targeted.

    Here is where I start to get muddled. Say one model from Player A can see one model from Player B. That means even though Player B has 9 of 10 models behind a tall wall, Player A can still theoretically wipe out all of Player B's models in that target unit. Okay... got it.

    Now, the rules state: "In order to target an enemy unit, a model from that unit must be within the Range of the weapon being used (as listed on its profile) and be visible to the shooting model." (Emphasis mine.) So, Player A must check LoS and Range on a per model basis of his or her unit to any model of Player B's unit. In our example, that would probably be the single model not behind the tall wall. So far so good?

    Let's say that Player A doesn't kill even a single model from of the targeted unit above. He rolled abysmally on to hit/wound rolls and Player B managed to save what got through. It is now Player B's turn. (It happens to me all the time when I'm Player A.)

    Unless Player B moves his unit, because 9 out of 10 are behind a wall and don't have LoS, only the single model that's not outside the wall can shoot. Right?

    However, if it were a low wall, the whole unit could fire and if Player A during his next turn cause even one casualty, Player B could remove the model *not* behind the low wall and confer a cover save to his whole unit. He cannot do the same in regards to line of sight if it were a high wall because checking LoS and Range occurred earlier within the shooting phase.

    Is all the above correct? If not, please let me know where I got it wrong.

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    You have a good point here and I shall have to get back to you, as we are about to have breakfast.

    However, I have always thought that it is utterly wrong for troops that cannot be seen and are behind cover, to still be counted as casualties. If you can only see should only get one as a casualty. Bullets, don┤t bend round corners (very special weapons excepted).

    I shall have a look at the rules again and see if I can try to fathom out what they mean.

    However, I do maintain that if you cannot see the figure behind cover, it cannot be counted as a casualty.

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    Hi Be ZurKur.

    I have had a good look at the rules and it is my understanding of them, that what you say is correct. They talk about UNITS being selected for firing and for targets, but when the mechanics of the rules for shooting are worked out, it is individual MODELS that are the criteria. However, when deciding casualties to be removed from a UNIT, individual MODELS are removed, even though they are not in range, or visible and that, to me, is wrong.



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