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    Default Is it worth getting into assembling and painting models?

    A couple years ago a group of my friends wanted to get into playing warhammer 40k. As always I went along and bought a starter set for a Necron army as I thought they were the coolest at first glance.

    About 3 weeks later they bailed and i was left with a kit I had no use for. I still built it though. And had alot of fun doing it!

    I never got Into the game since I'm not a very social person.

    My question for you is,

    Is there any sort of money to be made building model kits and then selling them? Im not expecting anythibg amazing or bill paying, just a means of maling a little money in my spare time to have more fun with. Money is tight so I would have to sell what I made to get more.

    Most things I find online are about getting paid to paint models not build.

    Thanks for reading the noob question.

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    For me, the answer depends on what you specifically get out of the model making. People do make money from building/painting, but a lot of the time, buyers would rather have unbuilt than poorly built, when buying second hand. So the question is are you able to build sufficiently fast and to high enough standard, and value your time appropriately, where you would make sufficient money to break even?

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    I think the reason you see more painting services is because a lot of the models need some painting before being completely built. I know a lot of the times my figures get undercoats, base coats ans emblems painted before arms and particularly weapons go onto them. So you may find there is not enough business to fund the next project if you are not painting them.



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