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    Default Which Space Hulk?

    Hi All,

    I'm hoping for a little insight as I'm thinking of buying space hulk...

    Is there much difference between the various editions rules & components? Which do you consider to be the best version?

    i really don't care about the models as I have plenty so ignoring fancy sculpting. I'm interested in if you can play missions from the new books using what comes in an old edition and vice versa.

    I'm currently thinking to get hold of a 1st ed copy and then pick-up (should read - be ripped off for) deathwing and genestealer. This era of parts will fit with my advanced space crusade stuff. But a friend has the new version and I don't really want to get confused with lots of differences in how things work.

    Also, any experience of how well the solo-player game is in the old Deathwing expansion?

    Many Thanks

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    Also, I know there are places to find printable advanced space crusade online for example... does anyone know if Space Hulk exists/can be found? So I can make it rather than spend a fortune on ebay!

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    On reading various bits I've picked up a copy of 1st edition. Looking for alternatives to buying deathwing and genestealer now - they are expensive! Looks like gw ip dept. has been shutting down lots of the useful online content.
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    I'm getting there...Almost! After lots of Internet searching I've downloaded most if not all white dwarf issues containing missions or board sections, a file containing scans of board sections of 1st ed base game, deathwing and genestealer, the campaigns book, and a missions file.

    Plus I've ordered a copy of deathwing which I'm hoping to sell on in due course.

    So I think I've got most missions and board sections that were released - much more than I was originally after. I still, however, don't have Genestealer rules/missions book or the markers for the psychic attacks etc. that come with genestealer. Really struggling to find these

    If anyone could help with these that would be great plus if anyone is interested in any of the above please let me know.

    P.s. I know psyker rules are in the SH Bible but would still like the original Genestealer books too.
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    I haven't tried them, but I've not heard great things about the Genestealer expansion. It fundamentally changes the game, putting a LOT of emphasis on psykers and their psychic duels.

    That might be what you're looking for, though.

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    Hi thanks for the input. I've not heard great things about the psyker rules either but I'd like to give them a go (as well as play without them ). - never really played space hulk when I was younger and feel like I missed out a bit. Not to worry I've tracked down a copy of the rules buy for not much.
    Is it appropriate to post scans of the stuff I've found or not these days?

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    Any edition except 2nd. I'd reckon 1st with Genestealer/Deathwing to access the most campaigns, and 3rd ed for the awesome minis. Having been described as a 'retro gaming pervert' my heart is with 1st ed. there are more WD missions etc, and if you can proff the campaign book from ebay it is very good.

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    I reckon 1st ed is also great also for the option of playing the base game without any expansions keeping it REALLY simple yet still a challenge/fun. Can you do similar with the other versions too?

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    Have you found the Space Hulk Bible yet?

    It is a compilation of 1st ed rules- with a few home-brewed things thrown in.

    I would recommend finding it (it spread around online) and using a 4th ed tile and minis set.

    Note that the rules didn't change very much between editions, so you can use a lot of the 1st ed stuff with the 3rd/4th ed stuff.

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    Yeah I got the bible but not used the expanded rules yet as I'm trying to get others playing and simple is a good way to start. I do like the new models n board but the first ed stuff is wonderfully nostalgic for me - I was 10 when it was released n loved it!


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