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    Default Any Space Crusade Players in here?

    This might show you my age a little, but I got started in the hobby with Space Crusade.

    For those who don't remember it, Space Crusade was a delightful joint project from Games Workshop and Milton Bradly in the vein of Hero Quest.

    Well, my copy had the misfortune of being in the possession of a ten year old who liked to convert all of the minis he could, so I don't really have all of it 'preserved.' So I've decided to start up on creating a new set of Space Crusade with up to date minis- mostly ones that I'm pulling form my bits box/closet.

    I'm a professional painter now, and I've also decided to paint up my SC minis as a tribute to some of the forces that I might be a little sad to see leave.

    Are there any other SC players around? I know that there have been some cool fan made expansions- does anyone recommend particular ones?

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    I still play it - I got it in 1991-ish when about 11, I play it with my 9 year old now. I am slowly collecting all the bits necessary to play the White Dwarf missions as well as owning Mission Dreadnought and Eldar Attack.

    The White Dwarfs - whose numbers I can't remember - are quite rare now tbh.

    I wouldn't really do fan-made expansions myself as I think there are sufficient missions within the official canon to keep me interested within the limits of the game's playability.

    Interestingly, as a gamer of many years, I found myself mathshammering Space Crusade and as a result, when playing the Chaos forces, most of my tactics was to get in as close as possible and fight in hth. The reason being shooting a marine requires at least 3 - so using the white dice, the equivalent of at least 11 on 2d6. In hth, you only need to beat the opposition by one without counting their armour - so even a gretchin has better odds of killing a marine in hth than he does shooting (I think anyway maths was never my strong point...) as a 1 (5-6 on d6) will do it if the marine player rolls 0s - 2-8 on 2d6.

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    It is generally accepted that shooting is a favored marine tactic, while close combat is a favored tactic for the aliens. For this reason, the Imperial Fists are considered the most powerful Marine force at the start.

    However, that starts changing depending on marine loadout. If you've got a Blood Angels player with a power fist, bionic arm, combat blades and bolt pistols, they're a lot harder to off in close combat.

    It can also change if you're using the other marine options, they get a lot easier to shoot down- Orks only have one armor, but are as good as marines in close combat, for example.

    Of the other two- terminators seem overly powerful to me, while scouts seem way underpowered. I've seen some fan made equipment and order cards meant for other chapters of marines -they mostly, they seem overpowered compared to the core cards. Since the scouts seem so underpowered to me, I think I'll use some of those cards to even them out.



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