This might show you my age a little, but I got started in the hobby with Space Crusade.

For those who don't remember it, Space Crusade was a delightful joint project from Games Workshop and Milton Bradly in the vein of Hero Quest.

Well, my copy had the misfortune of being in the possession of a ten year old who liked to convert all of the minis he could, so I don't really have all of it 'preserved.' So I've decided to start up on creating a new set of Space Crusade with up to date minis- mostly ones that I'm pulling form my bits box/closet.

I'm a professional painter now, and I've also decided to paint up my SC minis as a tribute to some of the forces that I might be a little sad to see leave.

Are there any other SC players around? I know that there have been some cool fan made expansions- does anyone recommend particular ones?