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    Default Adventuring in Purple Power Armour

    or how my Undivided Chaos Force managed to win a couple games

    It had been a while since we got a chance to have a decent game, Feb truth be told. so we decied to drop as much on a table as we could. 3600 pts per side. Chaos vs 'Nids

    I had a Khorne marked lord riding in a landraider with some Khorne marked possessed, a couple 9 man csm squads in rhinos, a 18 man csm squad mob, las and ccw dred, dakka pred, and a defiler. also had a sorcerer,6 bikers, 9 raptors, and 2 - 9 man thousandsons squads. as ringers i had a greater damon and three lesser daemon squads in reserve.

    the 'Nids were quasi horde. he had a couple large sqads of termiaunts one large squad of hormagaunts 2 lictors, 2 zoenthropes, 2 carifex, bone sword warrior squad, a shooty warrior squad. broodlord with stealers, another steler brood, squig swarm, hive tyrant with a few shields.... can't remeber much more... all the upgrades he could take for upping armour saves and strength he took. (i still say he should have just paid for more squads as he had the minis to spare)

    typical of huge point games i can't remember everything but will try to place enough highlights....

    spearhead with three objectives. objectives placed pretty much in the center of the board in a line. everthing deployed that was not held in reserve (damons for me and to my surprise a good portion of the gaunts, the 2 lictors and a sqad of stealers.)

    the thousandsons were great at what i had them do. one sqad baby sat one objective the other force him to close and deal with them in close combat.

    as he closed the lord and possessed had to take on a carnefex, the lord getting 16 attacks on the charge and delivering 2 wounds to the 'fex, possessed giving one more. the 'fex punished the lord for hurting it and squished him.... lords should get eternal warrior. ... the possessed tied up the 'fex for another turn and killed it. they then tied up the shooty warriors for a couple turns holding them away from the center objective.

    as the other 'fex and hormagaunts closed on the other flank i was getting into trouble with the warp. in one turn of calling on powers i had one tsons sorcerer 's head pop as his power cut loose and a wound to my sorcerer ic. the other tson sorcerer made his saves...

    raptors were effective in killing off the broodlord and momentaraly clearing the center objective.

    found i have to keep track of everthing as i forgot a squad in a rhino for an extra turn that they were not stunned,

    bonesword warriors chopped up my bikers but they held long enogh to get the two smaller lesser daemons out. one of which finished the warriors and the others speed bumped the hormagaunts 'fex and zoenthrope. NOTE: lesser damons saved the game as the third squad poped into existance so did the greater daemon. between the greater daemon and the 15 lesser daemons they finished the hormagaunts and the 'fex. for some reason he was concentrating on the 15 lessers shrinking them down to 10 after that assault was done. the lessers were able to take the center objective .

    his termigaunts & one lictor snuck on to the side of the board in my deployment area shredding the 18 csms down to 8 before they died messally in cc.

    all in all it was a close game. my landrader was a fire magnet and only had one lascannon sponson active, he used his second stealer squad to hold his objective (they came on the wrong side, poor rolling) tieing up the shooty warriors was the best move i could do as i fed them the remains of the possessed, my defieler and a squad of csms. those blast weapons they have are a pain.

    we ened up calling it at turn 5 as the only troops he had left were the stealers. i think he could have foced me off the center, the shooy wariors would have only needed another assalt turn to take care of the csms then they would have shot up my lesser daemons. but as it was turning close to midnight it was done.


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    game two followed the next week.

    1500 points Undivided vs thousandsons

    standard 12' deployment. one objective each in our deployment areas.

    i had a winged slannesh dp with warptime. 2 - 9 man csm squads in rhinos, 1 - 9 man csm squad parked on my objective. defiler 3 oblits dred (las and ccw), and 2 - 9 man squads of lesser damons.

    he had 3- 9 man tsons squads, 2 had rhinos. sorcerer lord was with one squad in a rhino. 3 squads of 3 spawn. powers through out his list were warptime, bolt of change , and wind of chaos.

    i set up first and stuck clumped (castled) in a corner near my objective. he placed his near the center of his deployment zone. he set up with one rhino ready to rush my objective and one squad beside it. the other rhino was beside his objective with the spawn spred out along his deployment zone.

    i had first turn & managed to pop his rhino with the oblits leaving his two squads facing oposite my objective. flew my dp closer to them in cover. rushed up my rhinos. walked up dred and took a few pot shots at his troops without effect.

    his shooting was abot as effective as he only managed to land one wound on my dp. however he did get all three squads of spawn attacking my rhinos oping one and wreaking the other. his rhino moved up and poped smoke.

    i lept my dp inot cc with one sqad of tsons and managed to cause wounds locking them into cc. crew in the poped rhino are able to summon a sqad of lesser daemons (horrors) and shoot the squad of spawn with pistols they and the daemons wipe out the spawn. the other csms bail from the wreak and get smahed in cc with spawn. dred saves the day and kils the remanants of the rhino wreakers. defiler pot shots the tsons rhino with usual effect (no scratches)

    tsons rhino does a 'genral lee' (dukes of hazard) over a crater and out hops two winds of chaos ang a pile of rapid fire death causing me to put away my second troops choice. the horrors run to his objective. dp gets a wound but kills three more tsons in cc. second footlonning tsons squad hops in assault losing 2 more tsons.

    second lesser daemons (flamers) come in to help stressed out dp dred dies to sorcerer lords melta bomb. defiler looses his battlecannon to rhino's combi-melta. oblits las the last rhino. defler shoots secondary systems at sorcerer lord and assaults him losing a dccw in the process. remaining tsons take a stroll and shoot up my objective holders. dp and flamers mop up tson squads.

    the horrors make it to his objective, sorcerer lord dies to the defiler. dp flies towards the tsons in my deployment zone but the oblits remember they can be twin-linked plasma guns and rapid fire into the remaining tsons wiping them out.

    i tabled him. after the match i hope i helped him with his tactics. he should have had one of the squads on his objective and it should have been far far away from mine, not central in his deployment zone. everything else should have been rushing my objective ignoring my side slip. the spawn worked out well for him however. if it were not for the lesser daemons popping in when they did it could have been a very different game.

    all and all 5th ed has been very friendly to my chaos force, of the last ten games with them i've won 8 and tied twice. (previously i was concentrating on my Dark Angels for tournaments)



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