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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigred View Post
    I play Old Witch because I did some study of Baba Yaga in college, and I've always had an attachment to old folklore. I saw the Old Witch and Scrapjack model, and couldn't turn away.

    It's almost like she chose me...creepy...
    Well, you never know...

    Perhaps the Baba was speaking to you in dreams?

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    I learned the game with pVlad and have a sentimental attachment to him but lately I have branched out to Strakhov and the Irusks. I like the combined arms approach that Khador brings to the table. When most people think of Khador they think big hulking axe to face heavy jacks, but they have some of the best infantry in the game as well. I have probably had morein game sucess due to iron fang pikemen and Kayazy assassins than to any jack.

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    I (briefly) played Dark Eldar in 40k, and wanted to try the opposite end of the spectrum: the slow, dead hard melee bruisers. That, and Khador's jacks look awesome.

    When Hordes came out I went back to the glass cannons and picked up Legion as my second army.

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    I chose Menoth, because when I started playing 40k I chose Space Marines which appearently EVERYONE and their mother chooses them... Not that I hate them them, quite the opposite. I fking love mah Spruce Maroons, but I just wish that I had started out with an army that wasn't as commonly chosen.

    Now, I chose Menoth because 1) it had the coolest looking starter box set 2) it wasn't Cygnar which looks like the Space Marines of Warmachine and 3) They've got flails. HELL YEAH FLAILS!!!

    So yeah. I basically chose Menoth because their starter box set had jawsome flails. And they weren't space marines, but mostly for the flails.

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    I after reading through the rulebook, I went with Cryx mostly for the fluff. The concept of the Original dragon creating an undead army to slowly flush out his spawn sounded nifty. That and sea witches with Great Racks...but yeah mostly for the fluff...

    For Circle it was due to werewolves and stone golems. The addition of the satyrs made it even cooler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scadugenga View Post
    PP: I've got something you might want to see.

    Me: Uh, sorry dude, I don't swing that way.

    PP: No, not that--you need to check this out--it's not released yet.

    Me: (phew) Oh, miniatures. Good. What'cha got?

    PP: We're going to be releasing this new mercenary warcaster/group. He's kinda anti-Cygnar--a rebel genius on the run.

    Me: Nice.

    PP: And he has an arcnode jack with a giant buzzsaw and a 1 shot tac nuke.

    Me: Sold!
    heh, that was a fairly common reaction to Magnus. I played through (in this order) Khador, Menoth, and Mercs before going Cygnar in Mk II; and now, the swan boys are being maintained while I work on trolls (and some Circle...)

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    After going through nearly every faction (I think I skipped Cryx and Circle), I settled on Skorne recently. I love the look of the models, I love the Eastern influence, I love the playstyle, I love painting the miniatures. C'mon... they're the bad guys from 300 meets Chaos Dwarves meets Greek Mythology.

    But most of all, I love that my faction essentially is Molik Karn.

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    Right now I play Circle, largely because of Kaya. I thoroughly enjoy warping my army around the board to the chagrin of my opponents. The ability to rapidly deploy forward, pull models out of their battlelines with druids, and then yo-yo heavies in to kill whatever I separated from their lines is thoroughly enjoyable.

    Nothing quite like pulling a heavy out of position and then slaming it back into their own battleline with a Satyr, or simply demolishing it with a warpwolf. Then, suddenly, my model is back in my own lines and out of their threat range.

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    I actually just wanted to try painting a model and picked up the Merc box. I then got a crush on Khador army and liked the big strong hevy jacks. I have a Khador army that is decent, but I'm now looking into making a strong Magnus Merc army.

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    I'd ignored Warmahordes for quite a while now, 40k and Fantasy taking up most of my time and money. But since 5th ed has come out, 40k has felt more and more generic to me, and since the release of 8th ed, my Treemonic Wood Elves struggle in Fantasy. I've mostly been playing skirmish games like Mordheim and Necromunda, enjoying the smaller nature of the battles, when I saw the start of a Warmahordes league. The organizers made some very nice terrain boxes just for the league so it caught my eye.

    I've never been hugely into steampunk, so I kinda bypassed the Warmachine stuff, but flipped through a friend's Hordes book, and stopped on the Circle stuff. Druids fighting to maintain a balance, not for some nebulous balance for balance's sake D&D bull, but because it would avoid drawing the attention of a cosmic horror? Interesting. Well, I'm not really into WOLF WOLF WOLF, and it was what my friend was playing. I was all ready to bypass them, but I saw the constructs. I knew about the existence of the constructs, I had seen them in a big pile of suggestions to use instead of GW's odd looking Treeman. This time I wasn't judging them on how they'd fit into my army and I loved their look.

    I picked up a rulebook that night and checked out some of the units not in the main book through Battle College and some of the list builders. It was a multi-combo attack on my desire.

    1)Aesthetics - I've always been a fan of earth tones, greys and greens and browns.
    2)Playstyle - I already enjoyed by Wood Elves in Fantasy, and Circle's ablities sang songs into my brain of forest manipulation shenanigans writ large.
    3)Game style - I was feeling bored by GW's large game systems, and the skirmish games were starting to bleed together. Warmahordes looked like a nice midpoint.
    4)Background - I like the fluff on the Wurm, I like the druid idea, I like the Constructs, I... Well it might just be simpler to say I liked everything about the Circle but the beasts, and I don't dislike those.
    5)Wild card - I just came off a personal Battletech kick, and I've got a thing for handless Clanner mechs. The Wold Guardian has that same 'This arm is a weapon. It's not for picking up wayward waifs and putting them on your shoulder, it's for wrecking your ****' aesthetic that I love in my mechs,and the damn thing just looked so badass.

    Five-hit combo to my resolve, KO. Just ordered the first 25 points of my Baldur-led Circle force.


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