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    Default Panther Kompanie

    The start of my 12.SS "Hitlerjugend" Panzer Kompanie!

    Company Command (2) Panther A's
    SS-Panzer Platoon (3) Panther A's
    SS-Panzer Platoon (3) Panther A's
    SS-Heavy Panzer Platoon (2) Tiger 1E's

    2185 points!

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    I would like to say that I painted them but a friend paid Evil Bobz Biz to paint them for me. Which is nice since i'm still working on US paratroopers.

    Some support for my Panther Kompanie, courtesy of Evil Bob:

    Flak Panzers:

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    Heavy Panzerpah (8-rads):


    Scouts in Schwimwagens:

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    Interesting that you choose to go with the Tunisia variant of the Tiger model.

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    Fantastic camo work!

    Really inspiring!

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    Dam that looks nice. +1 for another panzerkompanie player!

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