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    Default Battleground! - Sat 25th Nov 2017

    Battleground 2017 takes place on Saturday November 25th, at the Queen's Campus Sports Hall in Stockton-on-Tees, TS17 6BH, running from 10am until 3pm. Our big news is that this is our 5th year running the event, so we're offering FREE ENTRY for everyone!

    We've currently looking to have 37 traders attending the show, with a few changes from last year's lineup. We should have them all confirmed by early October but you can see the expected list here:!traders/c24i2

    We'll once again have a fantastic selection of display and participation games on offer, with 25 games expected at the moment. We're still collected the game info from a lot of our clubs, but we'll keep updating the lists here:!games/c19qp

    The living history groups have always been a popular attraction and this year we're hoping to have the Durham Pals, Lonestar and Vanguard all returning for 2017.

    Our Tabletop Sale is always busy and we might be expanding the number of tables for this year, depending on demand. For only £1 per half hour slot, you can sell as much as you like, with no commission at all! You can deal directly with the buyers, answer any questions they may have, and also keep an eye on your goods. Once your time is up (or better still, you’ve sold everything!), you can walk away, cash in hand, and enjoy the rest of the show! This year we'll try and add a couple more tables, but please make sure to book in early if you can. Bookings can be made through the contact section of the website:!contact/cn3p

    All of the show info can be found on either the Battleground website here: or our Facebook page here:

    Don't forget to tell your friends about the FREE ENTRY and we hope to see you there!

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    With the Not-Derby show out of the way, we've just about confirmed all of the traders for this year's show!

    We've got some new companies attending this year, including:
    Barwell Bodyworks - Bringing their ranges of airbrushes and paints.
    Dave's Wargames - Dave had attended the show previously on the tabletop sale, so this year he's got a proper stand!
    Helion & Company - A book publisher with an excellent selection of titles.
    Marching in Colour - Excellent painting service covering a variety of scales.
    Newline Designs - Various ranges in 10mm, 20mm and 28mm scales.
    Rapier Miniatures - Excellent 6mm ranges and also some 28mm figures as well.

    1 Ainsty Castings
    2 Baccus
    3 Barwell Bodyworks - NEW FOR 2017!
    4 Beanie Games
    5 Colonel Bill's
    6 Cozzmic Cakes
    7 Crann Tara
    8 Crooked Dice
    9 Daruma Productions
    10 Dave Lanchester
    11 Dave Thomas
    12 Dave's Wargames - NEW FOR 2017!
    13 Eagle Figures
    14 Four A
    15 Gaming Figures
    16 Games of War
    17 Graham's Wuerkshoppe
    18 Grubby Tanks / Britannia
    19 Helion & Company - NEW FOR 2017!
    20 Hoka Hey Wargaming
    21 Ironclad Miniatures
    22 Last Valley
    23 Lesley's Bits Box
    24 Leven Miniatures
    25 Marching in Colour - NEW FOR 2017!
    26 Midlam Miniatures
    27 Minibits
    28 Newline Designs - NEW FOR 2017!
    29 Pendraken Miniatures
    30 Rapier Miniatures - NEW FOR 2017!
    31 Reiver Castings
    32 Tumbling Dice
    33 Warbases
    34 Warlord Games
    35 Waugh Games
    36 Worley Books

    And don't forget, it's free entry this year!


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    Participation Games

    We've got 13 participation games for you to take part in!

    Battlefield Design
    > Imperial Ambition - Napoleonic battle set during the Leipzig campaign. Visitors are welcome to participate!

    Consett Tabletop Gamers Society
    > Details to be confirmed.

    Cozzmic Cakes
    > Cake Wars returns, have a go and see if you can win yourself a cake!

    Harrogate Wargames Club
    > The Bells of St Maria - Sharp Practice game set during the early 16th Century Italian Wars. Can the Italians get to the Abbey of St Maria and ring the bells to alert their main army to the location of the French and Swiss, and at the same time recover the experimental Leonardo tank captured by the Swiss.

    Iacta Alea Est
    > 'Load, Load, Load!' - The Battle of the Denmark Straits, 1941.

    > Steampunk Fantasy skirmish game set in an alternative world of magic, zombies and corruption.

    Monty's Wargaming World
    > Adventures in Lardest Africa - TooFatLardies' Sharp Practice 2 variant for Darkest Africa.

    Nate Zettle
    > Blood and Plunder - A 28mm miniatures wargame set in the New World during the 17th century. Featuring an innovative initiative system and simple and inituitive ruleset. Brandish your cutlass and musket and prepare for high adventure on the Spanish Main.

    Redcar Ironbeards
    > WW2, Pt 2 - 100 days after the end of the war in Europe, Stalin had promised to attack Japan. Instead he changed his mind and decided to attack his former allies.

    Scarborough Games Society
    > WW2 in 28mm using Bolt Action rules

    Something to do With Dice
    > Something To Do With Dice 2: La Noche De Los Vampiros - Inspired by From Dusk Til Dawn 3 and featuring a new town. Rules will either be Dracula's America or Curse of Dead Man's Hand.

    Warcradle Studio
    > Wild West Exodus - A dynamic, fast-paced semi-skirmish game pitting a cast of brutal characters against each other in a world very much like our own, but twisted by the forces of deepest evil. Characters are balanced upon the edge of a knife, a horrible death waiting patiently on either side.

    Wargames in the Dungeon
    > Sealion 1940 - A fast play game using Bolt Action rules.

    Display Games

    We've got 13 display games on show!

    Border Reivers
    > Large 28mm game showing Quatre Bras!

    Brompton Bankers
    > Samurai - Details to be confirmed.

    Carrying On Up The Dale
    > Somewhere in Flanders 1676 - An action set during the French-Dutch War of 1672-78.

    Durham Wargames Group
    > 1848-49 Hungarian War of Independence - 42mm game complete with a railway!

    Durham Wargames Group
    > Port Republic - Stonewall Jackson Valley campaign refight from 1862 in 28mm.

    Generals and Kings
    > American War of Independence - 1777 Philadelphia Campaign

    Independent Wargames Group
    > 28mm ACW game using the new Pickett's Charge rules.

    Lancaster Cellarmen
    > An 18th Century imaginations siege game using Spencer Smith 30mm figures.

    Old Guard Wargames Club
    > 'A House Divided' - 10mm ACW game!

    Stafford and District Wargames
    > War of Spanish Succession - 10mm game of Oudenarde (to be confirmed)

    Tyneside Wargames Club
    > 10mm Trojan War!

    Westerhope Wargames Group
    > 28mm Wellington in India!

    Yorkshire Coast Wargamers
    > A 28mm DBNapoleonic game!

    And once again, it's free entry this year!


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    Bookings for the Tabletop Sale are now open!

    For only £1 per half hour slot, you can sell as much as you like, with no commission at all! You can deal directly with the buyers, answer any questions they may have, and also keep an eye on your goods. Once your time is up (or better still, you’ve sold everything!), you can walk away, cash in hand, and enjoy the rest of the show! The Tabletop Sale will be open for bookings from 9:30am on the day, giving you time to get set up before the doors open.

    Selling slots can booked in advance by contacting us using the Contact page on our website:

    Free Entry for 2017!


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    The entry wristbands have arrived today, not long to go now!

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    We're only 10 days away from Battleground 2017 now, so for anyone unsure of where the venue is, here's the directions!

    By Road:
    Coming down from the North on the A19 (Sunderland, Newcastle, Scotland, etc.) -
    Coming from the East on the A66 (Middlesbrough town, Whitby, Scarborough, etc.) -
    Coming up from the South on the A19 (York, Harrogate, Leeds, Sheffield, etc.) -
    Coming over from the West on the A66 (Darlington, Cumbria, etc.) -

    By Bus:

    Regular services run from Stockton and Middlesbrough to Teesdale and X1 services from Newcastle, Durham, Sedgefield and Middlesbrough stop outside the Holliday Building on University Boulevard. There are several bus stops on the campus, the closest ones for Battleground being either the Holliday Building stop, or outside the Stockton Riverside College.

    By Train:
    East Coast Main Line operate high speed services from London, York and Edinburgh to Darlington, with a connection to Thornaby Railway Station.

    The Transpennine Express provides a direct approximately hourly service from Manchester Airport, Manchester, Leeds and York to Thornaby.

    Northern Rail operate a regular service from Saltburn to Newcastle and Bishop Aukland that stops at Thornaby and Durham.

    Once you arrive at Thornaby Station, climb the steps and turn right onto the footbridge. Walk over the footbridge and turn right along Station Street. At the roundabout go straight over onto Harvard Avenue, signposted 'University Campus', with the glass fronted buildings on your right. Continue down this road, past the entrance to Stockton Riverside College, until you reach another roundabout. Turn right here, signposted 'University of Durham'. As you reach another roundabout, the venue will be to your right, a white and grey building with the curved sports hall roof visible and 'Durham University Sports' written on the side.

    If there are any queries at all on getting there, just get in touch and we'll point you in the right direction!

    Free Entry for 2017!


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    With little over a week to go, here's the layout for the day so you can plan your purchases and decide which games you'd like to play!

    Free Entry for 2017!


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    One last update for everyone before the big day! We've got 37 traders for all of your Christmas shopping, 25 games to look at and get involved in and a packed Tabletop Sale with all kinds of goodies on it. And of course, there's Free Entry as well! We hope to see some of you here tomorrow (today?!)

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    This year's Battleground show was a cracking day out and the feedback so far has been very positive. We'll have a report done later tonight and we've uploaded all of the photos to our Facebook page: Hre's a selection as well:

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    After a day to recharge, we've put together our show report on this year's event, so head over and have a look!,16853.0.html We've already got some ideas for next year's event so it would be great to hear any feedback from the visitors.


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