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    Would like to see another category for spells in the spell filter concerning which action they use. It would be really nice to do a quick search on what spells I can prepare as a wizard and cast as an immediate action, for example.

    Off topic, why the heck is there a random question about warmachine or Warhammer 40k in the registration form? I don't play either of those games, I found this site through the d20srd. Seems really hostile.

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    Thanks for feedback fishfood.

    Apologies on the questions. For now we have a variety of questions being asked about different games to keep out spambots. There are some D&D ones mixed in.

    Make yourself at home - this forum is for any and all D20srd users.

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    The primary spell records exhibited are the arrangements of spells isolated by class and level. These incorporate the spell name and a brief and fragmented portrayal of the spell. Quickly after those rundowns is a total rundown of all spells with full depictions of those spells recorded.
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