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    Public service announcement...

    The Conquest site is up!... oh my, the features

    Excuse me whilst I gush!

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    So what we know so far....

    The world has been some 20 years in the writing.

    Rules, Lore, Stories, Army builder, all free online.

    Starter set all HIPS plastic, 80 models for 80 Euros incluging Brutes, Cavalry and a huge monster.

    Some of the most original Fantasy Battle rules in the last decade or so.

    4 factions on release with at least 14 playable in the lore. Each has multiple subfactions.

    Units can be upgraded with banner, leaders, characters etc.

    Heros are fully customisable with items, armour, weapons, artifacts and/or specialist training.

    game is designed for competative play despite a strong narrative.

    Lore: There is no single version of the truth to world events viewed and experienced through the eyes of each faction.

    Release dat has been set as Q2 2019.

    Online organised play system allowing player results to impact the world.




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