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    Default Conquest! The brand new game from Para Bellum and River horse studios.

    With little over a month until initial reveal at Spiel Essen, I've been digging to find out more about this interesting new kid on the block....
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    Just in!

    Alessio Calvatore is conformed as the rules guru behind Conquest! With his portfolio it's difficult not to get excited about it!

    Gone are deployments and turns instead a new Command Stack mechanic where players preditermine what order their troops will activate coupled with an escalation system that gives true rolls to light, medium and heavy troops. Not only that... The Fog of War is set to be a real thing in game terms!

    I was already exited by the prosepect of a complex and mature setting. I'm a mature gamer and sometimes I've found myself looking for something without the token comic relief that's become the norm!

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    I am so lucky to have been sent some pre release miniatures for Para Bellum and River-horse Studios exciting new game CONQUEST. (rules being written by the notorious Alessio Calvatore)

    Feel free to ask about the game or mini's and I'll tell you what I can for the moment. Otherwise you can follow the games progress by liking their Facebook page here:

    They've blown me away... see for yourselves... I can't wait to paint these over the coming weeks

    And this guy... he's on a 53mm base :O

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