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    Default Using legion tactics

    Hey all,

    If I want to use Alpha legion as a keyword and all the benefits, does my army have to be painted as an alpha legion force?

    I ask because I want to do my own paint scheme and make my own legion sort of thing. The army would still be legit with the rules, it wouldn't be used for abuses.

    I guess I just wonder if you would get any grief from people in a tournament setting?

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    I would say, that it is your army and you can paint it how you like. I would suggest having blues & greens in there somwhere due to Alpha Legion, and you probably should not use a similar colour scheme to another legion so as to not confuse your opponent. (but equally as it is Alpha Legion you could paint them as another legion and say they are trying to be stealthy ...) I would also make a point of telling your opponent before the game starts that you are using the Alpha Legion rules though, no matter what scheme you paint them.
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    I regularly play in tournaments. I don't baulk at mad coloured schemes, rule of cool is fine. What is annoying though, is when say you had 3 detachments, all with different key words, but all using the same chaos marines miniatures and acting as different things. They need to be clearly identifiable is basically the main thing.

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    Plus fluff wise, the alpha legion may be under cover as imperial fists or whomever.
    I think the only time a model's colour comes into question is if you play wysiwyg then the oks red paint is the only one that "needs to be modelled"
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