Ragnarok: The Northern Crusade Annual 40k Tournament

Welcome to our first Ragnarok: The Northern Crusade Warhammer tournament event! This Tournament will be taking place October 28th aka the last Saturday of the month. We will be giving out a five-hundred-dollar cash prize to be split to the top three combatants. The buy in will be thirty dollars. In addition to the cash prize, there will also be a large grand prize! There will also be several door prizes handed out throughout the event. These prizes will be announced the day of.

The Tournament will start at 9:30am sharp. There will two half hour breaks for food throughout the tournament and fifteen minutes between each of the four rounds. Rounds will be limited to two and a half hours for each round so all dice must be placed on the table by the buzzer.

Along with this tournament we will also be hosting “The Master Brush” painting competition.

Our rules for the event will be as follows:
- All lists must be submitted either in person or to [email protected] by the 14th of October for review.

- There will be a two thousand point maximum point value enforced for the tournament.

- You may take up to two combinations of the following detachments: Patrol, Battalion, Brigade.

- We will be enforcing all chapter approved rules and all recent Games Workshop FAQs.

- Custom or proxied models must be consistent across the army and easily discernable.

The following Scenarios will be applied in a random order throughout this four round tournament:
- No Mercy
- The Scouring
- Big Guns Never Tire
- Secure and Control

All though winning is important, ties will be determined by evaluation sheets to be filled out by each participant. This means that a well painted army, a friendly face, and quick prompt turns will result in higher standings.