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    Default Primaris Blood Ravens! How is this possible?

    From a fluff stand point am, not sure there should be Primaris Blood Ravens.
    1- Ahriman, the Warhammer video games, the books all heavily imply the Blood Ravens came from the Thousand Sons.

    2- Guilliman ordered Cawl to ONLY use the 9 LOYAL legions geneseed to create Primaris Marines. (Even though he had samples of ALL 20/21 Primarchs

    With those two points in mind, I don't see how the Blood Ravens and any other (currently loyal) Chapter descended from a traitor Primarch would get Primaris Marines. Fluff wise any way.
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    There are a lot of chapters whose origin has been lost. Either they're not getting any primaris ever, they're getting standard ultrasmurf-based primaris and intergrating them into the chapter culture and dealing with split genetics, or there is something about the process that allows one to combine gene seed. The last seems plausible. The gene seed is used as the blueprint for making the new organs, and each marine makes enough gene seed to create at least two new marines (I know the fluff says two, but failed initiates and not being able to recover some bodies mean it HAS to yield more). There's no reason it can't be mixed in with the primaris stuff. It may take a generation or two before they're "proper" Blood Ravens but they can get there.
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    $$$$$$ <-- there's your reason.

    Shocking to me: 21 Primarchs!?!?!?! I know of 20. Who's the extra?
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    I thought part of the lore dealing with this was the Tech to make the Primaris was sent/given to all chapters. So if that's the case that is how they have Primaris Marines, they upgraded their own.

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    From the gathering Storm trilogy: ret-conned Belisarius Cawl was making an untold number of Primaris Marines even since Day1 of the Crusade.
    So had hundred, possibly thousands, to parcel out to every chapter.
    I have not seen/read anything about the chapters being given the means to create their own.
    It also makes zero sense, according to Gathering Storm, that the Primaris would be Chaplains (in regard to the new Chaplain mini).

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    The Blood Ravens/Thousand Sons connection has been denied by Laurie Goulding. Pretty much all of the clues pointing in that direction come from CS Goto's Books anyway (it's not really mentioned at all in the games), and I have a feeling that they are no longer considered canon, which makes sense given his reputation for mangling the fluff.

    Anyway - Yes, they've been given the technology to make their own. The Carcharadons, another chapter whose primarch is unknown, or at least unclear, also have this, according to Robbie MacNiven, who is writing another Carcharadons book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmaximum View Post
    I have not seen/read anything about the chapters being given the means to create their own.
    The novel "The Devastion of Baal" says Guilliman gives the genesis machines for Primaris creation to the Blood Angels after their successful defence of Baal. After this fight twenty six successors of the Blood Angels which were also fighting on Baal get the Primaris too.
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